Penned by Hakim KT Ajmal on 22 October, 2021

Everything in the world evolves into a better version with time. The advancement of Science and Technology has brought tremendous changes in the functioning of the whole world. The lifestyles have evolved up to an extent that even today’s common man enjoys the facilities that Shahinsha Akbar or Emperor Asoka couldn’t even think of. Offices once abandoned with bunches of files are now more spacious and classy with the advent of computers. The tasks fulfilled by computers, televisions, clocks, telephones, scanners, etc. have been integrated into a small device that can be carried in your pockets. Money has evolved into cards making it easy to transport or transfer. All these wonderful revolutions that were once unimaginable became reality when the researches started being more focused on vibration energy levels. Now, health and medicine is the field that is going to witness such unbelievable change.

Obviously, Health and medicine have achieved a lot of advancement that has eased the lives of the common man. Still the pandemic situation was the time that has demolished our faith. It couldn't handle the situation in a good way, which proves we have far more to go in this field. It is here that the need to dive deep into the scopes of vibrational levels becomes relevant.

The Newtonian Model of Medical thinking considers the physiological and psychological behavior of humans as a function of the structural features of the body and brain. It regards human body as a machine with numerous parts in which the complete purpose is determined by the performance of each part.. But in reality, beyond the physical structure, there exists a force that animates; the force that gives life! The body deteriorates once the force leaves the body.

Another perspective, which considers this particular force, contemplates the human body as a complex system of numerous energy fields interfaced with physical and cellular systems. And that is the perspective of vibrational medicine. According to this, disease and disorders result in the alteration of the electromagnetic features of the cells and tissues. Specialized forms of energy are used to make a positive impact on those energy fields that get out of balance during a diseased state.

Post covid era has witnessed the wide acceptance of the AYUSH system of medicines, as it has played a major role in facing the challenges created during the situation. It has succeeded in addressing the turmoil created by the pandemic up to a great extent. This has assisted regenerative medicines in gaining attention, trust, and popularity. Sudden increase in number of spas and therapy centers, wide acceptance of acupuncture systems and Yoga marks the popularity of these systems globally.

Mainstream medicine has already initiated formulating a shift from conventional therapies to electromagnetic healing, within certain subspecialties. This marks the beginning of a revolution yet to come in the field of medicine. Technology, medicine, and the wellness world have started investing in understanding the pivotal relation between material and field aspects of the body. Innovations are being made to optimize the ‘energy body’ of humans.

Science has started avouching some crucial ancient medicine principles. It will validate some and invalidate the rest. Conventional medical system has a lot to learn from the ancient ideas. But, developing a common healthy platform facilitates exchange of ideas between the conventional system and the vibrational system of medicine. These healthy conversations can contribute largely towards a more improved, well developed system of medicine that addresses both the body and soul as a whole. Incorporating Physics with biochemistry makes it possible.

The years to come will witness a rush by medical experts and technology fanatics to crack the code of how the energy network has been organized in the human body.  And these findings will set off a base in designing arbitrations into the electromagnetic fields to prevent disease and support both physical and mental health. So, this is the right time to enrich yourself to be a significant part of the upcoming era of Vibrational Medicine.

Hakim KT Ajmal

Founder and Chief Philosopher

Hermas Unani.